How to buy Headphones for under 100 dollars?

Are you dying to own an expensive headphone. Typically, betting on higher series leads to more durable and durable finishes, but there are also certain problems: we will not be able to appreciate the sound scene, the timbre and the general body of the instruments if we just listen to music in streaming and Review youtube. That is why a trustworthy commercial would never recommend anything that we were to amortize, and that is why these models ramp up sales in the different trade shows. How many people are willing to pay for something that they are not going to take advantage of? Here are the best headphones under 100.

Harman AKG Y23

AKG are a guarantee under any scope. With an always careful packing and seventy years dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of microphones and headphones, the Austrian company has solutions for any economic spectrum. And do not be fooled by the technical specifications of this little giant: presented at CES 2015 as the smallest in-ear in the world, these AKG Harman offer a sober and quite attractive aesthetic and classic studio sound. And its price is below 45 euros.

It contains drivers of high performance in 5.8mm compared to its counterpart the Y20 that resorts to 8mm, a standard control button and the usual pads of different sizes (up to 4). In short, a very good example of taking into account if what we do usually is to open Spotify just leave the house and spend mid morning on the subway.

One of its main virtues is its weight: with just one meter of straight cable and Flexsoft silicone cases, can be considered by far the lightest headphones in this guide. Also, they are tremendously comfortable, respond in mediums with astonishing efficiency, and in serious they do not distort due to their balance against leaks and their resistance to vibrations. In headphone issues, size matters, but the achievement pointed here by the trade association between Hartman and AKG engineering has resulted in one of the in-ear of the future.

• Impedance 16 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 98 dB / mW
• Response Range 20-20,000 Hz

Sennheiser HD419

A Sennheiser, as Beyerdynamic, happens that their low and intermediate ranges pale against the aggressive offer more specialized companies in these segments. In the big leagues, Byrd fights with Audio-Technica for caressing the ears of the best singers and the loudest stars on television, but none of us could boast of using them rigorously below fifty euros.

The ‘HD201’, however, is a classic model and most likely one of the best-selling headphones in Europe. The review HD419 (on Amazon are now for only 34 euros ) dynamizes something more than the previous example the response in low and medium thanks to its huge neodymium magnets, are identically closed but slightly more comfortable – the pads have a synthetic leather Which clothes. In return we will have to suffer its almost 400 grams of weight and the classic sweating when we go out to the street. The cushioned headband on the bridge and the cable clad with exit only on the right side put them in an ideal point to have them at home and disconnect.

• Impedance 32 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 108 dB / mW
• Response Range 20-20,000 Hz

Xiaomi Piston 3

The Piston 2 became a revolution: for less than 20 euros they offered results of any competitor that tripled its price, something practically magic. This new review keeps your packaging careful, including four pairs of pads in their respective sizes (XL, L, M, and S) but completely changes their power bank: we jump from 93 to 98 dB, and you notice an emphatic care in the treble. The fan of excessive and forced bass will hear in these Pistons a sound too neutral, but nothing further from reality: they correct and improve a practically perfect predecessor.

Although the perfection does not exist: the improved design appealing to a greater comfort compromises the entrance of noise, forcing to raise the volume in exteriors. They have also declined the beryllium alloy of the monitors by the brushed aluminum and the kevlar of the cable for a more gummy look – or that feeling they get between hands. At least it retains its magnificent micro and a control of firm volume and very pleasant to the touch. Nowadays, these low cost Chinese are undoubtedly the best button headphones in all its segment. They cost 35 euros on Amazon.

• Impedance 16 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 98 dB / mW
• Response Range 20-20,000 Hz

Samson SR950

Samson is one of those companies that were born in the 80s under the great technological advances when the costs of the microphone were still between the prohibitive and the unattainable. Following the trail of the previous SR850 range, the Model 950 responds effectively in any terrain. It is perhaps the most comfortable headset of all, with models of interchangeable pads, the traditional ribbon headband and an additional space between the plate and the sound box (conveniently large) that gives it corpulence in the case of an accident.

The problem, of course, is its size and weight: over 300 grams and an arc width superior to any direct competitor: the Fostex TH5BB and the Takstar HD6000. They are defined as DJ helmets, ideal for recording booths or tanks, but after several tests listening from Kendrick Lamar to Camille Saint-Saëns – and hallucinating with their adaptive behavior, with a low pitched and a somewhat delayed means – I can not help it Recommend them. Neither lose a body in high gains (a + 6-8) nor distort as most competitors. Its price is 45 euros on Amazon.

• Impedance 32 Ohm
• Sound Pressure (SPL) 96 dB / mW
• Response Range 10-30,000 Hz

Acquiring high-end HiFi headphones means paying more than twice as much – from 150 euros even – and unless we use them as working tools, any of these seven options will cover our needs. With its tales and its peculiarities, it would be practically impossible to opt for one in particular.

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