How to choose a LED to grow light?

Nowadays, LED grow lights are becoming more and more popular in the farm because the benefits that they bring to us. Especially, in sustainable urban agricultural practices, LED grow light is considered as an important factor. It is easy to us to get one in the stores, but the question is how to choose the best led grow light on the market. This article will mention three steps to help you choose the bets products.
How to choose a LED to grow light

1. What are you growing?

Before deciding to buy a LED grow light, you should consider what kind of plant that you are going to grow. In the market, LED grow lights are sale speedily, it will be a catastrophe if you just pick one of them at random. In fact, some lights are designed for specific types of plants. For example, LED grow light for growing cannabis will be full-cycle such as Black Dog LED, Apache Tech, G8LED, Kind LED, Pro MAX Grow, Lighthouse Hydro, Mars Hydro Pro MAX Grow.

For indoor gardener growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, Apache Tech, GE Lighting, Illumitex, PARSource, TotalGrow, Cirrus LED, Philips, P.L. Light Systems are more suitable.
The LED grow lights for research; they should consider Apache Tech, Cirrus LED, GE Lighting, Illumitex, Philips, TotalGrow, PARSource, Cirrus LED.
For indoor gardener growing flowers, vegetables

2. What Is The Size Of Your Grow Space?

The second thing that you should consider is your grow space. The size of your land will dictate the size, and the number of the LED that you buy. In fact, the average number is about 32 watts per square foot. For example, you have 16 sq ft, you should buy 500- 550 grow light( assuming that your plants in the garden are cannabis)
There is some concrete number that we want to show you.
Grow space Wattage
2 square feets( 2×1) 64
6 square feet (2×3) 192
9 square feet (3×3) 288
16 square feet ( 4×4) 512
25 square feet (5×5) 800
36 square feet (6×6) 1152

3. Types of Led grow Lights.

Now, it is time for you to think about what branch of LED grow lights would be the best for your crop. If you are growing marijuana fro seedling to flower, you should by a full cycle LED grow light. In fact, you just need to light for vegging and blooming
Lights which designed for cannabis can vegetable are not similar. They have different options including channel lights for having veg and bloom mode, ad programmable lights such as Cirrus LED, Lifted LED, California Lightworks, Kind LED.They allow you to set light schedules, alter intensities, customize spectrums. Th programmable lights are the most advanced LED grow lights which make for an effortless grow. In fact, LED grow light industry is developing in the direction of fully automated panels.
Vegging or Flowering
Another problem that you do not to forget is vegging or flowering or both. There are also LED light for the vegging plant ( blue shifted lights) and LEDs for flowering plants( red spectrum lights). This kind of LED has specific spectrums which also used in addition to full spectrum LED grow lights to provide the extra boost during bloom and veg.
LED grow lights can be used to grow vegetables
Low light or Hight light conditions.
Do your plants need full sun or the low-light condition? The LED grows light can adjust the Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) beaming from your fixture. There are a lot of products such as California Lightworks, Cirrus LED, Lifted LED, Kind LED which can allow you vary the light output, but does not need to fix the height of them.
In conclusion, these are three questions that you should consider before deciding to buy one of LED grow light. First of all, you should consider what kind of plant that you are going to grow, then count the number of lights which suitable for your land, and finally, find a branch for your crop. If you complete all thí steps, you will have beautiful crops. Good luck!

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