How to choose the string trimmer 2017 ?

Weed whacker is also known as the “ string trimmer” “weed eater,” is a popular product for cutting different areas such as mower, thick grass, yard and so on. In the market, there are three kinds of weed whacker: gas, electric, and battery trimmers. They are good products which serve different needs of customers. Unlike other weed whacker reviews this article will give you some comparison between three types of weed whacker to help you find a suitable product for your demands.

1. The Power.
This feature is the most important principle when people find a weed whacker. Among of weed eaters, the gas trimmer is considered as the most powerful product. They can solve all kind of areas with a big size and even with the thick weed or big brush. Therefore, if you have a large garden with the difficult ground, you should get this machine to help you remove all the problem. Electric and battery weed eaters are not as powerful as gas weed eaters. They are more suitable for smaller garden and plat ground.

2. Noise level.

If you used to wake up because of the noise from the weed eater of a neighborhood, you might detect the gas weed eater. The sound that they create while working is so loud. Electric nad battery is a better choice if you are a person who is allergic with a loud voice.

3. Mobility.
Mobility is also an important feature for a weed eater. If you have a vast yard, but the cord of the machine is short, you can not complete the job. In this situation, an electric weed trimmer is not suitable for you. When you get a plug-in weed eater, you are limited by the length of the cord and the place of your outlets. However, there is no such trouble if you get the gas or battery tools. Their mobility is so high; there is no cords, no outlets, no limit, you can carry it around the garden and solve all the grass in the far corner of the garden without the limit of the cord.

4. Time of usage.

For a battery weed eater, the time of usage is about 30 minutes if you set the high level, and an hour if you established the low level. With this period, it is so short and inconvenient for you to complete a large garden. For a gas trimmer, the time for usage is from an hour to an hour and a half. This time is also considered as the short period. But with its power, you can solve more job than a battery trimmer in the same time. Apparently, an electric machine is not limited in the time of usage. You can use everytime you want and how long depends on you.

5. The weight.

In fact, most of the products are quite light for users. However, the gas trimmers are considered as the heaviest device among of weed whacker. Their weight is from 13 pounds to 19 pounds. For a small person, bringing the products to cut grass around the garden is so difficult. In this situation, you may prefer battery weed eaters. They are designed with a slender looking and lightweight. Their weight is about 7 pounds or 9 pounds. Therefore, it is better one if you are looking for lightweight product.

6. Environment-friendly.

The environment is one of the concerns of the producers. The battery and electric weed eaters are environment-friendly products. About gas machines, they are not friendly with environment. Besides the noise that they create, they also produce the fume and use a lot of fuel such as oil and gas or the mixture of them. Despite its power, this product is really good in this situation.

In conclusion, these are both advantages and disvandtages of three type of weed whacker. It is a time for you to decide what weed eater suitable for your demand.

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