Natural pillow: latex, spelled and feathers under test !

The Western pillow, not only filled with feathers, horsehair or old rags, has been enriched with materials as diverse as they are varied. If some pillows such as the ergonomic pillow, owe their padding to scientific research, others continue, successfully, to trust mother nature. Originating from oriental cultures or traditional know-how, the natural pillow, since it is about him, knows how to combine the useful with the pleasant: it protects both our cervical and our environment.
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A / The vegetable pillow in spelled ball

The spelled ball, for a natural cervical pillow
1. Fits your body
The spelled pillow is placed precisely along your neck, guaranteeing extremely precise support.
2. Fits all your positions
This natural pillow faithfully accompanies your numerous changes of position offering an unmatched comfort.
3. Effectively supports your neck
Once the position is selected, the spelled pillow freezes and no longer deforms.
Its firmness ensures perfect support and alignment to the cervical vertebrae.

4. Effectively regulates temperature and humidity
The spelled pillow has natural thermoregulatory properties:
Promotes air circulation and moisture absorption.
The spelled pillow, natural and healthy
5. Spelled, ideal material for a natural pillow
– Renewable, durable and biodegradable.
– Produced according to a traditional French method, ecological, natural and non-polluting.
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6. Contains silicic acid
The spelled is composed of 90% silicic acid with multiple soothing virtues on muscles, nerves and respiration.
7. Easy to maintain
– Shake regularly to ventilate the pillow
– Empty from time to time to expose the spelled bark to the sun

B / The Latex Pillow

Latex, born to garnish the pillow
1. High density
Latex foams naturally dense.
The firmness of the latex pillow provides optimal support to your cervical spine, soothing muscle tension.
2. Flexibility
The latex fillings adapt to the shape of your neck and head.
3. Elasticity
Used to make non-deformable, resistant pillows to prolong your comfort in the long term.
4. Hygiene
The latex latex pillow is naturally antibacterial, anti-mite and antiallergic.
Neither he nor you are subjected to the aggression of chemical treatments.
5. Nature and Ecology
– Extracted by a non-polluting natural process
– Biodegradable
6. Breathing
Texture of the latex pillow is naturally aerated: allows a perfect circulation of air during sleep.
Antiperspirant, this natural pillow does not keep you warm.
7. 4 level of latex lining for natural pillow
• The 100% natural latex
Some of them are also perforated and molded so even better ventilated.
• The latex flower
Made from Hevea milk, it gives a 100% natural elastic and tonic foam.
Ideal for bolsters; Despite their length, they will not sag.
• The latex flakes
Innovative material, which gives more softness and suppleness to your pillow: The flakes accompany the movements of the head and the changes of position.
Excellent air circulation between the flakes.
• The molded alveolated latex
(50% natural latex, 50% synthetic latex)
Material developed for the manufacture of cervical pillows.
High Density for an increased maintenance of your cervical spine.
Trust the bedding labels. They alone will reveal to you precisely the quality of the latex foam of your pillow.

C / The Down Pillow

The pillow down, a natural pillow without getting plucked
1. Plumes and down
Down pillows are actually made up of 2 inseparable materials:
– The feathers, by the elasticity of their hose, are ideal for to furnish the pillow.
They give it its compact and swelling side and give it optimal support
– The down, a small flake hanging from the feather constitutes only 10% of it.
Rare and precious, it gives your pillow spring, softness and suppleness.
2. Down, volatile natural pillow material
The pillow down, in addition to being ideal for the pillow battle, is made of a 100% natural material, untreated chemically and totally ecological.
Down for a hygienic and practical pillow
3. High thermal regulation capacity
The best insulator is air. The down flake does not miss it thanks to the barbules, tiny compartments of air that surround it.
4. Very breathable
– Spaces between feathers and down flakes
– Barbells that have the ability to capture air
– You keep your head fresh
5. Absorbs sweat
The duvet helps the duck evacuate the moisture from the pond in which he lives.
In the same way, the down of the natural pillow absorbs it during the sleep and evacuates it during the morning during the aeration.
6. Anti Mites
8 times less dust mites than in a synthetic pillow.
– Duvet not conducive to the proliferation of the mites: medium fresh and dry, without anything to béqueter
– Tight woven cotton envelope prevents penetration of mites
7. Easy maintenance
– Aerate your natural down pillow regularly
– Washable at 40 °. Dry quickly, tumble dry.

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