The 12 Best Products To Wash Your Car

Regular washing will allow you to protect your car from harsh winters. This will also protect the value of your car while saving you money associated with costly repairs.

The 12 best products to wash your car

For many vehicle owners, washing the car is not really a chore. It is rather a relaxing and fun weekend activity. That’s fine, because frequent washing is also the best way to maintain a finish similar to that of a new car.

But where to start? We have put together a list of the best car wash products that will make you shine yours. And a car vacuum cleaner is a must if you want to clean the interior of your car.

Product List

  1. Rubber gloves

To protect your hands from chemicals.

  1. Non-Acid Based Tire Cleaners

Wash your wheels and tires beforehand to protect the paint in your car.

  1. Car wash formula

A professional car wash formula will preserve the finish of your car and keep its protective wax intact.

  1. Large natural sponge or lambswool glove

No matter which product you use, both will help you clean your car. Move the sponge or glove lengthwise through the hood and body panels. Use another sponge to clean the wheels and tires, which may be covered with sand, dust and other debris.

  1. Two buckets

Use a bucket for the car wash formula, and another bucket to rinse your sponge or glove.

  1. Hose

Use a nozzle with nozzle and let water flow on the car from top to bottom. This creates a blanket that minimizes water accumulation.

  1. Squeegee or terry cloth towels

Dry your car with a rubber blade squeegee or a soft towel (natural or synthetic). If you choose the towel option, you may need several. It is best to mop the water rather than sliding the towel over the paint. You can speed up the process by using a gentle scraper to remove the bigger water from the car’s bodywork.

  1. Small clay block of paint cleaner

If you have bird droppings, sap or other debris glued to your car, a normal car wash formula will not suffice. Grease a block of clay paint cleaner and gently rub it over the debris. Make sure you do not use a piece of clay that you have dropped on the floor.

  1. Car wax

You can choose a paste wax or a liquid wax. Both will help keep your car clean and protected. Apply two coats to cover any areas you might have missed with the first coat. But do not apply more than two coats. They will not adhere properly and will be wiped when you polish the car.

  1. Oscillating Polishing Pad

It is an excellent tool for do-it-yourselfers that will help you to keep your paint shiny and fresh.

  1. Glass cleaner without ammonia

Ammonia is bad for vinyl lining and dashboard. Besides, he smells bad.

  1. Microfibre cloth

Glaze your windows with a microfiber cloth.

The best method for a clean car

Frequent cleaning

Keep in mind that even when stopped, your car will be prey to the sun, pollution, bird droppings and dust from the city.

Add to that the wear and tear that occurs when you drive and you will need to clean your car regularly.

Giving your car a hand wash about three times a month is a perfectly reasonable way to preserve its shine without much effort.

Simple cleaning methods

No one can wash a car efficiently by rushing. The more you take your time and enjoy the process, the more you will avoid the errors that come from cleaning done too quickly.

Start by cleaning the dirtiest areas, then work from the bottom upwards in long parallel movements.

Do not clean the car if it has been left in direct sunlight. A hot car dries too quickly which leaves marks of soap. Move it to the shade and wait for it to cool;

Fill a bucket with hot water and reserve it for rinsing. Fill a second bucket with warm water (not hot) and add a suitable car cleaner. It may be tempting to use dishwashing detergents or other household cleaners, but these are too abrasive and could damage the car’s varnish or even graft it.

Take a clean sponge and rinse thoroughly. Work from top to bottom, and not in circles, as this could leave traces on the varnish of the car.

Remember to thoroughly rinse and wring your sponge using the rinse bucket. This will further reduce the chance that dust and dirt will fall into your bucket of soapy water and scratch your varnish. Keeping your sponge is a simple but important task.

After soaping and washing your car, grab a hose and rinse the car with large jets of water going from top to bottom. This method allows the car to retain its shine by drying.

When you have finished rinsing, take a clean chamois and dry the car. Leaving a car to dry outdoors can leave marks and driving a car still wet increases the chances that it gets dirty again.

If you take your time, avoid house cleaning products and use long movements from top to bottom, you will use the most effective methods to wash your car and help preserve its finish for years to come.

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