The Cook Who Feeds The Obama !

If the identity and professional curriculum chef Zarzuela is nothing less than state secret, the owner of the kitchen of the White House has its entry in Wikipedia.

Cristeta Comerford (53) is a character well known in the United States, where lectures and supports various charitable causes. Filipina by birth, Comerford began working as an assistant chef at the White House in 1995. The recruited the then boss, Walter Scheib when the Clinton marriage was the tenant of the grand neoclassical mansion. Two decades later, if Hillary became president he would meet with a Comerford converted into the head chef and benchmark minorĂ­as.Laura Bush dismissed Scheib and opened a selection process to find the new chef. Among the 450 candidates Comerford, who got the job was.

Thus, since 2005, Cristeta is spearheading the most important American cuisine. Although they say that is the first woman in the office and the first representative of an ethnic minority, it is not entirely accurate. There is news that the first presidents were often served by cooks of color. It was Jacqueline Kennedy who created in 1961 the pompous title of White House Executive Chef (Chef, come on), a position that itself holds for the first time a woman in the person of Cristeta Comerford.Como (almost) all cooks leaders globally, Comerford is accessible to the media but never reveals the intimacies of the First Family. We know who heads a team of seven chefs and that its work is both to take care of feeding the Obama and design and prepare the official events. With humor, Comerford says most of the menus will occur within your old car, in the two hours that has returned to the home she shares with her husband (also cook, Irish) and her daughter in Columbia.

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