Who is it for?
The category B handgun is for the shooter who wants to acquire a weapon for club shooting, perfecting himself or making him happy with a precision or power tool, or even both.

It is the right object to deepen one’s knowledge of the handgun as a result of the limited-to-life lead or fire models, and thus discover superior sensations.

The handgun area combines a variety of fire disciplines, including free pistol, firearms, speed shooting, IPSC and many others, during which insiders Measure in speed and accuracy tests. And do not forget to buy the Most Comfortable Belly Band Holster also!

Category B weapons are subject to declaration in the prefecture and require the sending of a copy of a valid identity document and shooting license as well as the original authorization for possession and acquisition weapon.
What technologies are proposed?

Two main technologies compete, the semi-automatic pistol and the revolver. The choice of one or the other often refers to the tastes or habits of each, but each model has its specificities.

The gun: although often called automatic pistol, it operates semi-automatically and has a rectilinear charger housed in the stock. With each shot, the slide on the top of the weapon moves back and ejects the empty socket, then rechambers new ammunition on its return to the front thanks to a recuperating spring, ready to be fired.
It is a weapon offering a great store capacity and fast shooting thanks to its semi-automatic reset.
The revolver: older than the semi-automatic pistol, it is a system equipping a firearm in which the chambers are brought in turn before an independent barrel by rotation, allowing shooting several shots. After a shooting, the magazine turns to present a new ammunition in the axis of the barrel and the percussion dog. The empty cases are not ejected.
The revolver is appreciated for its reliability and comfort for firing large caliber ammunition. They are also very stable and precise weapons when shooting in single action because of the small amount of moving parts.
Which gun to choose?

Class B handguns offer an interesting variety of calibers and ammunition, but pistols and revolvers do not use the same.

We present in the following tables the most common calibers in the field of new or used handguns. This ammunition is available on our website among others older, rarer, or available on request.

The main factors in choosing a handgun are:
– Choice of system, pistol or revolver: the grip is different, the weight, the dimensions and shooting techniques too. For precision shooting, a revolver usually represents less investment than a gun.
– Choice of caliber: light, medium or powerful, caliber is a paramount factor. It depends on the firing distance, the firing discipline, the corpulence of the shooter or his budget, because not all calibers are sold at the same price.

Aesthetic criteria: they follow no rules – lines, colors, materials – and influence the choice decisively. A weapon that pleases the eye is always desirable, no matter the fashions or trends it is necessary above all to have fun.

The accessories
The aiming accessories are numerous on handguns and meet all needs: rails and red dots, removable sticks and tactical fairings, lasers and lamps, hatches and handlebars with fiber optic, brakes of mouth … Find the accessory you need in the relevant sections to improve your performance and push the boundaries of your handgun.
Cleaning and maintenance accessories are available for all gun caliber guns: cleaning kits, swabs and brushes, mechanical oils for weapons.

Finally, find the transport accessories through the carrying cases and covers of all sizes, ammunition storage boxes as well as locks of trigger guard essential for the safety of all.

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