Top 7 Tips for Walking in High Heels

You are a person with strong personality and not interested in high heels. You always choose safety shoes instead of the shiny and beautiful ones. Let’s try on another pair of boots and feel the difference. Change to become a glamorous girl and you will shine. Today’s article about seven tips on high heels is very for you.

1. Walk with small steps

In fact, walking in high heels is not like learning to walk as a child, so you need to do some things that you think are unusual such as small steps, slow steps and do not bend your knees too much like normal. Besides that, just remember that the higher your heel, the shorter your walk. Do not try to stretch your steps and walking gracefully will make you look more natural and beautiful.

2. Movement from heel to toe
The main purpose of this method is to walk as normally as possible on high heels. When walking barefoot on the floor at your home, did you ever move by placing your entire foot down on the floor? Or do you usually put your heels first and then toes? Walking in the high heels is the same way like that.

Put your heels down first, then touch the ground with your toes. After that, when your weight is completely set on the foot, change the weight forward, lift the heel, push the tip of the foot forward for the next steps.

3. Adjust your posture

Standing on high heels depends on a lot on the correct posture. If your body shakes when you move, it will lose sight of comfort and confidence. To get a perfect position:

+ Keep your head upright while the head and spine form a straight line. Plus, the chin is parallel to the floor. Avoid looking down when wearing high heels.
+ Put your arms on both sides, swinging your arms a little while walking to keep your balance.
+ Slightly bend the knee when walking.

4. Imagine that you are walking along a boundary
The best way to master the foot steps while walking in high heels is to imagine you are walking on a straight line or a rope.

You can follow some instructional videos and try to reproduce. However, catwalk models are always ideal for walking, so when applying to the practice, you do not need to be so strict.

5. Wearing high heels and walking around the house

Wearing your new boots around the house one day before you go out. This not only allows you to get used to that shoes but also creates the friction roughening soles with the aim to slippery restrictions. Let’s do the movement like walking, stopping, walking around, turning people around and so on with your new high heels.

6. Wear high heels and go out

The fact is that using high heels going out is different from at home. Without the soft mattress of the carpet or the flatness of the parquet floor, wearing high heels may be ten times harder than usual.

+ Even the minor objects along the way you go such as sidewalk cracks, manhole cover may cause difficulties, so try walking around the house a few times.
+ The best place to practice is the supermarket, so you can use the cart to balance.

7. Stand on high heels for a long time

You do not only learn how to walk, but you also get to stand up properly. It sounds simple, but many women are awkward and do not know what to do with their feet when posing for pictures or keep standing for a long time while chatting at the parties.

To stand on the heels, put your body weight on your toe in the back, if you are tired, change the position of your legs together.

Hopefully, the information above is useful for you and good luck to you.

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