Why must we choose 18650 Batteries?

Have you thought about the importance of small devices around us such as TV controller, toys, flashlight, wall clocks, or even smoke alarms? What does the life happen without these tools? To run these items, you need to have small batteries. In fact, although you may not know about the existence of cells, it is undeniable that those small items play an important role in our life. However, the performance of batteries is not similar. An ideal battery should have a long duration, high performance, reasonable price, environmental friendliness. Sometimes, they can not perfect on every field, but the good battery can meed your needs.If you are trying to find that battery, You can read 18650 battery reviews to get pros and drawback of each battery. It is difficult for you to find the best one, this article will give you battery buying guide to help you get the great decision.

18650 Batteries

Origins of the 18650 Battery.

The concept of lithium- powered batteries was discovered during the 1970s. However, at that time, the safety issues were also a big problem. After developing process, the lithium technology was completed, and it has been becoming one of the modern technology in life.


Lithium Battery cell details.

Lithium Battery batteries are operated by the interaction of lithium cells which produce power. With the shape of small coins, lithium cells are thin compared to their diameter. The batteries are designed with a metal which cam be the positive terminal and a cap which the is negative terminal. 1865 batteries are created by Lithium manganese dioxide ( LiMnO2). Lithium cell shape and size keeps consistent in each lithium battery model. In fact, the result of using lithium cell is that on the cell can replace silver oxide batteries or two alkalines.

18650 Batteries2

The advantage of the 18650 Battery.

18650 batteries are one of the favorite product in the market. Its durability and high performance make it an ideal choice for every user.
1. Multiple uses
One of the limits of most of the battery is the limited number of the way to use. Going hand in hand with the development of technology, 18650 batteries also had a long step in the way to use, especially in cordless communication and entertainment devices. 18650 Batteries can be utilized for most of laptop and flashlight. Therefore, they are very suitable for e-book readers, digital cameras, digital camcorders.
2. Longevity
Besides price, longevity is one of the concerns of customers. Providing long-lasting power is one of the featers that users want to get. Compared to other similar product, 18650 batteries drain at a slower pace and perform reliably for longer periods. This feature can explain why the products are loved by customers. In some emergencies, such as for flashlight and portable radios, 18650 batteries are the bets solution. Nowadays, the iron phosphate is still researched to continue enhancing the battery’s performance and extended its shelf life.

18650 Batteries1
3. Leading manufacturers
18650 Batteries are entering every house, every office, and public place. They became a durable and safe prototype, leading manufacturers. Moreover, 18650 batteries are developing themselves and support big brands such as Sony or Panasonic and get recognition from users.
4. Density
Energy density is one of the important components of battery quality. Compared to nickel-cadmium batteries, 18650 lithium charged batteries has over twice the energy density. With the higher density, the cells can translate into better-performing electrodes. It also provides users with little or no maintenance problem so we can save time as well as money. The batteries have no memory and possess no cycling so that they need to extend their shelf life.
In conclusion, these are some basic information of the 18650 lithium-charged battery. You may know about its history, and some advantages of this product such as its multiple uses, longevity, leading manufacturers and density of energy. Hope with this article; you have more knowledge this modern and useful product in the life.

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